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Fish Tank

A lot of life has been happening recently! I was going to tell you about how I managed to smash the fish tank last week whilst making cakes for my children home from school. It's a good story - there was a lot of water involved, and it got everywhere (as did the fish). I could tell you that the smashing glass didn't end there, and next morning I smashed 10 jam jars in the same kitchen. Two days later, Alice re-hurt her arm (the one we heard she was in A&E with when we turned our mobiles back on, as we touched down in Chicago last month!) and again went to A&E. ...And so the week went on. Lots of "little things" (did I mention that our rabbit is intent on escaping our garden?) lots of things that actually sap my energy and distract me from what I'd like to focus on in life. So instead of all the details of the funny stories, I reckon God's Word is what I'm bringing today: " Show the wonder of Your great love ... keep me as the apple of Your

What's Your Story?

"A person's story tells us more than their gifts, strengths and talents." "Walk slowly - see the people and hear their stories." Dave Gibbons

Unique Energy

I'm really excited to be able to tell you about the launch of a new Kerith Unique Community Group called Unique Energy It's being led by Lianne Allen and it's a group for all women of all ages and fitness levels to take exercise in a non threatening and social environment. So, please don't instantly disqualify yourself when you see the word exercise , if you're a's for YOU - read on to find out more. Here's more details from Lianne: The key to exercise is to make it fun and there are lots of events in store for you. Our first two regular activities will be: Every Monday (starting on 7th September) 10am-11am Walk at The Look Out Bring dogs, children, a friend or just yourself and enjoy a good paced walk while having a chat. If you do not need to rush off, there is a cafe so continue talking over a coffee. First Saturday in the month (starting 3rd Oct) @ 8.30am Jog around Dinton Pastures A jog around the lake, if you are starting out or a seasoned

Simple Steps

"Do these few simple things and see what God might do" (as Naaman washed in the Jordan 2 Kings 5) 1. DAILY meet with God - in a regular place, at a regular time. 2.Read good books (30 mins daily) 3.Review my replenishment strategy. " The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace" Rom 8v6 4.Decide to say YES to God, everytime His Spirit asks me. Bill Hybels

Thirty Days Hath September

It's September and it's back home to Bracknell and work and school and routine now - all good, apart from the RAIN! We had a wonderful summer - a very relaxing family holiday in France, and before that the Willow Creek leadership conference in Chicago. So this week I'll post up some one-liners, quotes and thoughts from Willow. What's Your Story? "They don't care what you know, until they know why you care". Wess Stafford (Compassion CEO)