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Easter Weekend

Easter ...Spring break..long weekend...spring shops open on Sunday!!!!..egg cross on Friday..the Cross Easter means a lot of different things to us - and it is all these things, but it's also the Main Event in the Christian calendar - this is it - Jesus' death and resurrection. And on our own we struggle a bit to reconcile, or perhaps to even make space for remembering Jesus. A big help for me is to come to Church - to worship together and hear the Bible, and to reflect and celebrate together. Tonight we're meeting from 7-8pm - it's Good Friday - how does that historical event impact us now? There's drama, songs, Bible readings and communion. We're able to park in the College car park, so lots of space for us all! Then on Easter Sunday Simon's speaking at 9,11 and 6 at our Bracknell site, and at 10 at our Sandhurst site. All the promises are true in Jesus through his resurrection - c

Run to God. Run to Him First.

Have you run to God today? "The name of The Lord is a fortified tower. The righteous run into it and they are safe" Proverbs 18:10   It was such a privilege to preach yesterday at the Bracknell morning meetings, and to be part of the baptisms in the evening. What a great day! Wonderful to hear of those precious lives changed by the power and love of God. My Talk is on the website now, so you can listen again here       As I mentioned, Simon and I celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary last week - and, as promised here are some 25 year old photos of us!  

Faith, Hope, Love, Prayers, Hard Work and Money!

Here's the latest on the building of the Girls Dormitory in Serenje - wonderful to see the progress being made isn't it? It's so inspiring to see the pictures and to be reminded of all the different people that have been part of building the dormitory. From the builder Jack who says it's a privilege to build such an impressive building (49 metres long!) to all the people who have given money - both corporately and individually, from those inside our community and from other local individuals and organisations. So much wonderful variety! And all for people that we won't meet and don't know, but who we truly believe are our sisters and brothers in Christ. The giving, praying and hard work goes on, as the dormitory gets built and furnished, ready for the 100 teenage girls to move in. It's so easy to be a part of it all : You can give to the dormitory here And this is one of the earliest photos - when the Dormitory was only a set of plans and a big dream and