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Inspiration via Twitter

"@Leelm: The greatest foundation we can build is on God's word for our lives, it's a foundation of truth and promises beyond whatever we could build."
Simplify ur life so God can use u, Practice gratitude so God can bless u, Rediscover pleasure so God can lavishly love u via@kaywarren1
Loving ur neighbor as yourself=speaking how u'd like to be spoken to,assuming the best, offering grace & helping how u can. Rick Warren

Take Every Thought Captive

“If you have been bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, it will be one of the greatest assets to faith when the time of trial comes, because your faith and the Spirit of God will work together.”    Oswald Chambers

@CharlGambill, 19/07/2011 20:55

Charlotte Gambill (@CharlGambill)
19/07/2011 20:55
You will never be what everybody wants you to be, so just be all God made you to be!
Kerith Academy Graduates!
"@BenCooley: What a great night last night!! Thanks to all involved ESP @simonbenham and @Leelm for hosting us so well!!! ,sue ranger you did a GREAT JOB"

Chess Pieces