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Handbags of Blessings

One of the wonderful things about REAL is that it isn't all over when we sing the last song on the Saturday afternoon and leave the conference. The effects, the projects, the stories and the impact of the teaching keeps growing and bearing fruit. I've loved still being able to enjoy the beautiful set on Sundays at Kerith - that visual reminder helps me call to mind all that I learnt and experienced at REAL. I'm also enjoying listening again to the podcasts of the talks - such a great resource to hear on your own or in a group. However, I've just heard some great news about an area of REAL that is all down to your generosity. You'll remember that this year we supported Kerith Social Justice, as we "Filled a Handbag". The idea being that we all contributed treats and essential items to fill handbags, in order to show love to women who are facing struggles. You brought along umbrellas (essential!), hand cream, body spray, lip balm, mirrors, notebooks

The Olympic Torch Comes to Bracknell!

Yesterday morning, Andy Jackson ran with the Olympic torch. Yesterday evening, he came to our house for  site pastors and worship leaders training...and brought the torch with him!!!! Oh the fun we had - much posing and posturing! Andy's kindly letting us all have a hold of the Olympic torch - in exchange for a donation to CAP. As he says " I expect you have already heard me say that I’d like us to keep the Torch here for as long as it is of interest to people coming into the building and, at the same time, raise some money for our CAP Centre. There are 8,000 holes in The Torch (one for each Torchbearer and each mile covered by the Flame) and so the target is £8,000. To donate, you could either buy/sponsor one of the holes for a £1 (or more for more) or, for a donation, bring your phone or camera and have your very own photo with a piece of Olympic history". You can donate here and also check out how close he&#

Monday Morning

We spent a lovely weekend with Dave and Nicki Frodsham and their great family in The Wirral. I didn't look at the map before we went, so had  no idea what a lovely place it was - or indeed that it was on the coast! The Frodshams used to be part of Kerith, and Dave now leads Jubilee Church, which meets in a school hall. Simon spoke at their Church yesterday morning - he was brilliant, and we had a lovely welcome from everyone. We also got the opportunity to walk around the church building that they are hoping to purchase - it's amazing...and massive! It was great to hear all that they are up to , and to be able to encourage them. We missed Kerith of course, so it was so encouraging to read tweets and texts as the morning went on - I'm looking forward to catching up with Michael Ross Watson's teaching, via the podcasts. Last week I had a lot of meetings and conversations about REAL, as we debriefed as a team - talking through what worked well and what we can improve on. I

Jesus be the centre

Jesus be the centre of my life I woke up with this song in my head Jesus at the Centre of it All ... Early morning, with the rain pouring down outside, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to immediately focus on me and my life and my feelings. But it was a gift from God to start to sing these words, and as I sang through the lines, to let the truth speak to me. Let them bless you and build faith in you too..."from my heart to the heavens, Jesus be the centre, it's all about You.." Jesus at the centre of it all Jesus at the centre of it all From beginning to the end It will always be It's always been You Jesus, Jesus Jesus be the centre of my life Jesus be the centre of my life From beginning to the end It will always be It's always been You Jesus, Jesus Nothing else matters Nothing in this world will do Jesus you're the centre Everything revolves around You Jesus You From my heart to the heavens Jesus be the centre It's all about You It&