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The more we see, the more we loveYou.

  Isn't this a beautiful image of friendship? Its one of my favourite Serenje photos, showing two women reading the Bible together.   Last night we came together as one church for our Serenje Celebration. Andy and Zoe did a great job in telling the story of the last five years - how we got to be involved, what it entailed, the surprises along the way, and we were privileged to have Jamie Fyleman from Tearfund with us, helping us to see what our future relationship with that community of people in rural Zambia that we've come to know and love as friends looks like. Two things particularly struck me - first, to remember that the pastors and volunteers in Serenje had already identified needs, and had been working hard on the ground, but were praying for a partner to help them. The specific support of financially giving them a "hand up" with seeds, livestock, supporting orphans in schools, and visiting vulnerable people in the community, and indeed the need

Our Survey Said.....

  Just a quick hi to everyone that came to REAL last July - please check your inboxes today for an email from us! We're sending you a feedback survey, as we'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about REAL. This morning we had a great planning meeting, thinking through the themes and teaching for REAL2014 - such a great group to share ideas in, I love how all the Kerith preachers fully get behind REAL, and work hard to help me and the whole team to craft a fantastic conference for you! If you haven't received an email, then please check your spam/junk folder, and if it's still not there, please contact us. We'd love to hear your stories too - if you've made new friendships, done anything new as a result of what God said to you at REAL, please let us know. Have a great weekend - remember that the clocks go back! Sunday in Kerith's going to be so challenging and encouraging, wi

My Guardian

Whatever today holds, we're not alone - the Bible says that God is with us now, He goes before us, He's there behind us: Psalm 139:5 You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Isaiah 52:12 For the Lord will go ahead of you; yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind I love how Ben Cantelon expresses it in his song "Guardian" - we've sung it on a Sunday, and we sang it at the Willow GLS that we hosted in Kerith last week, and it was a powerful experience to sing and declare these truths together. This rainy Tuesday morning it could be just as powerful for you in your kitchen, or in your car, or on your school run as you listen to this great song , join in, and let your faith rise. "You go before me, You're there beside me, a nd if I wander, Love will find me. Goodness and mercy will always follow, You go before me, my Guardian" Whatever today holds, God is with

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus, No Turning Back

  I have decided to follow turning back. Take a listen to this beautiful song from Hillsong - every time I hear these words and sing along it changes my perspective, turns me around, gets my focus off me and onto Jesus - "Christ Is Enough For Me" . ...No turning back, I've been set free...Christ is enough for me.  

Help Your Brain Out Today

"Your brain runs on oxygen, glucose and relationship. So....breathe, eat, AND make sure you are not trying to perform in emotional isolation!" Dr Henry Cloud Last night ticked all of the boxes for me. These dirty dishes at the end of the evening don't tell it all - but they're a sign of a wonderful time spent "around the table" (as Shauna would say) doing just that - breathing, eating and connecting. This week we start to wake up the baby that we only allowed to go sleep and rest for the summer .... We're starting in earnest now to plan for REAL 2014! Today we meet as a creative team in Kerith, talking colours, sights, sounds, experiences that will wake us up to our creative God. Last night was talking about real life, connecting with women's hearts, sharing wisdom - the moments where you lean in and linger around the table. Soon we meet with the Kerith preaching team to today and talk about the messages, the themes and the content. Someone