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Creation and Creativity

Today I took the dog for a walk in The Look Out...and looked UP and AROUND, enjoying God's beautiful creation. Following Simon's encouragement in Sunday's sermon , I also took these pictures ( something creative !)

Jesus at The Centre of it All

Love, love, loved singing this song in Kerith yesterday - Jesus at the centre of it all. I hope that my worship blessed God and blessed others. I know it blessed me to declare the truth, to repeat the truth, to acknowledge that I want Jesus to be at the centre of my everything - my marriage, my family, my work, my home, my relationships - He is in the centre. It's all about Jesus.. .....But I keep putting myself into the centre! Acknowledging Jesus as the centre takes the focus off me, and puts it right back onto Jesus - who its really all for and all about. And its something that I need to do every day - I've listened to this song on repeat as I've been writing, and I'm going to continue listening and worshipping, and letting the words soak into me - join me? Jesus at the centre of it all Jesus at the centre of it all From beginning to the end It will always be, it's always been You Jesus Jesus Jesus at the centre of it all Jesus at the centre of it all

Together We're Amazing

  We had a great time at the Quiz last night - thank you to Ruth, Adam and all the team involved who worked hard to put on such an enjoyable event for over 100 women. There was a great atmosphere, and lots of the women who came along were new to Kerith. I was so chuffed to see that lots of Kerith women hosted tables full of their family, neighbours and friends from work and school that they had invited to the Quiz. Together we tried to recognise songs from their intros, or when they were played backwards (!). We answered General Knowledge, or Film and TV related questions. Our table didn't win, but we had a great time chatting, singing, having fun together and eating and drinking - it really was a fun night!   Whether you came last night or not, I hope you've picked up one of our new Unique postcards ? It's got details of  the Unique women's events and groups going on at Kerith.   Whatever the event, whether you 're answering questions, discussing a

6 Reasons to Come to the Quiz

  Got your ticket for the Unique Quiz yet? It's this Saturday - and tickets are on sale at Kerith reception until 5pm Wednesday, when we need final numbers for the food order. Perhaps you'd intended to ask a friend and come along? Perhaps you hadn't clicked its quite so soon? Perhaps you're not sure if this event is for you? If that's the case, read on for...   ....Reasons for coming along to Saturday's Quiz 1. You have a friend who isn't part of Kerith yet, and you want to bring her along to something friendly, nonthreatening and fun. 2. You love fish and chips. 3. You need want to get out of the house on a Saturday evening 4. You want some adult company and conversation. 5. You love quizzes. 6. You love the idea of quizzes, but you're rubbish at them.   I'm sure there are plenty more reasons for coming along - what's yours? Whatever the reason, you're really welcome. The quizzes are always brilliantly

Questions Fun and Fish&Chips

Girls, are you coming to the Quiz ? It's not long now - Saturday 20th October It's such a fun and easy event to bring friends to - perhaps work colleagues, mums from school, neighbours or family? Last time, the team of Teaching Assistants from my school beat the teachers you can imagine, much banter afterwards, and they'll be coming back this time to try to retain their title! Tables seat 8, so come as a team, as a group, pair or on your own. £8 covers the cost of a fish and chip supper.Tickets are one sale at Kerith reception through the week, and all day Sunday. Come and chat to us in the reception area, before and after each meeting this Sunday.  

This Is Our Church

What a great Sunday we just had! God was with us, and people were saved.  Here's a few of the notes I took: "A second chance is heaven's heart" "Jesus says "it is finished" because He built the bridge" "No matter how far away we feel from God, Jesus' arms are long enough to stretch to us" "God is on our side...He is for us..He is cheering us on"   It was  a real privilege to have Adrian Holloway with us, speaking at all three meetings, preaching gospel and salvation. Adrian's become a real friend of our Church, and of us personally - I particularly appreciate him remembering details about our children and their names - he's a genuine chap! It was fun to chat with him back at our home later, and we were so glad he could join us for the mega roast dinner that was our "Zak's-going-back-to-Uni-this-afternoon"meal! Adrian seemed to have enjoyed being in Bracknell too, as he's written about Sunday

Remember The Poor

(Volunteers receiving letters from Kerith women) Simon is going out to Zambia soon, and I wish I was going too! A small group are going out from Kerith to meet up with Sam, Hannah and their girls in Lusaka.  We're about to start our final year of the five year project, linking Kerith with Serenje, so our team will then travel to Serenje to talk with the team there about how we "end well".   I've been in the very privileged position of actually going out to Zambia, and meeting the amazing volunteers, pastors and families in Serenje. It's been wonderful to start to develop friendships, and to see the incredible results of our two communities partnering together in God's power. I imagine we're told to "remember the poor" because we're prone to forget , to live in our own worlds, to forget about "others" - especially those we cant see? I know that's true for me. To push me through this "forgetfulness", I have