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A Getaway

I'm going here tomorrow - can't wait!
We're so excited about the next Simply event! Saturday 19th May is Quiz night at Kerith. Last year the Quiz was really popular, with tickets selling fast. It's such a great event for inviting friends and including others. Buy your tickets from Kerith reception during the week, or from our special table in the reception area on Sundays. Come and chat to us tomorrow - look forwrad to seeing you! Get the date in your diary, get inviting, come along and let's have fun together!

Filming On Location

What were you doing at 7.45 this morning? I had a fun and different start to the day - we filmed a short promotional video for this year's Real Conference. It was shot outside in one of Bracknell's beautiful parks. Only trouble was, it was freezing this morning! Thanks to the great skill of Jonathan and Amy who were filming and directing, we completed it pretty quickly and I headed straight to Starbucks to warm up! I hope I gave a good impression of it being a lovely warm summers day. Look out for me  on Sundays popping up soon  in Reveal!

Wedding Anniversary

Simon and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today (officially it was yesterday, 1st April, but we like to focus on Alice then, as it's her Birthday too) So it's 23 years , which is apparently silver-plate! Many of you know Simon, as he's our senior Pastor at Kerith. But I'm so very blessed that he and I get to live this life together. He's the real-deal; a good man, a great dad. I'm so glad I said yes!  As you can see - we were kids in 1989!!!