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The W&W Brunch

Saturday's Word and Worship Brunch was really enjoyable - great food, great atmosphere, great worship, great to be together! Thanks to everyone who came; and thanks also to everyone who made the morning possible, serving beforehand and on the day itself - we really couldn't do it without you all! It was a huge privilege for me to bring the word at the brunch. Thank you for your encouraging stories and comment, sharing with me how God spoke to you. One of my favourites went something along the lines of "we all have so many things going on in our heads and our lives, we don't need more things to add to it, so thank you for bringing a clear and simple message". And it is simple! Inspired by the song "Jesus at the centre of it all", I talked about us wanting to put Jesus at the centre of our lives, and yet reality is that we find ourselves d enying Jesus, hardly mentioning his name in our conversations, and crowding him out into the background with ot

Word and Worship TOMORROW!

Twenty years ago tonight I went to bed, 9 months pregnant, but with no clear sign that I was going to become a mum the following day - Yes, our first born son will be 20 tomorrow! Tonight I go to bed (20 years older!) knowing that tomorrow we're holding another "Word and Worship Brunch". The band have rehearsed, the food's been prepared, we're all setting our alarms, looking forward to all that God will birth in us and through us tomorrow morning. I've prepared and planned my message, but I know its all just words until the Holy Spirit breathes life into it.  He brings new life! I'm Praying for you, and really looking forward to seeing you in the morning. (If you're still undecided, just come along!) ...remember to share lifts to help with the parking :)

Give Thanks

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1Thessolonians 5:16-18 My Blogging has been squeezed out by some busy living this last week, and now by a bit of resting (not feeling quite 100%!) and also preparing for Saturday's Brunch! However, I couldn't let this week pass without briefly reflecting on last Sunday at Kerith. I loved taking part in the morning as we collectively gave thanks, joining some Kerith families in thanking God for their babies. And I'd really recommend you taking time to listen to Janine Jackson 's preach on Thankfulness (listen again here ) It was very moving to see many individuals, groups of friends, couples and families walk forward to hang their "thankful tag" on the trees. It is good to give thanks.   God is good.