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Word and Worship Brunch 9th Feb

A quick heads up ladies that we're selling tickets at Kerith tomorrow for our next Unique event  Word and Worship Brunch on Saturday 9th February 10-12 Come and say hello at the stand in reception and buy your tickets. Just £2.50 gets you... 2 hours to yourself Time with other women Time with God Chat, Prayer, Worship and Biblical teaching ...and a beautiful bacon roll, some fruit and drinks Really hope you'll be there too!

Prayer : Eager / Lazy?

"Part of you is eager, ready for anything in God; but another part is as lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire" Mark 14:38 (MSG) Yes, that's me. I'm as guilty as Jesus said Simon Peter was at Gethsemane. That's one of the reasons I'm loving the new series we're in at Kerith called  Keep In Touch . The series is all about prayer, and communicating with God. Simon preached last Sunday that prayer is all about the WHO , not the HOW .   I love it that we're ALL doing it together, so we can ALL help each other to pray - the " lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire " part of me really needs that!   We have put some great things in place to help us pray - so I'd encourage you to make sure you're getting all the helpful aids too!   - Every Wednesday evening, we're praying together from 8-9pm in Kerith - great to see friends, families, lifegroups - people from all across kerith community flooding in on those We

The First Job Each Morning

Today is Saturday - a rest day, family day, fun day. Yet I woke this morning earlier than I needed to :( and within a few minutes, my mind was racing with worries and lots of things I should do / haven't done / didn't do very well / haven't even thought about yet / don't think I've got the skills, gifts or time to do  etc etc etc It's taken me a couple of hours to get back to that balanced and centred place of faith and trust - the " Jesus at the centre of IT ALL " place. Want to know what I did these last two hours? Well, I grumbled a bit and felt sorry for myself a bit...then I prayed. I did my Bible readings for today.  I read today's KKIT email and some encouraging tweets. I got some washing on (works for me!) and had a very large coffee. I let a simple line from a long-forgotten song emerge from somewhere in my brain "why so downcast oh my soul, put your trust in God", and (again!) listened to Jesus at the centre of it all ,


  This is me! So glad to have the Christmas break from my usual routines..but after a while, really happy to get back to those routines! To sort, and clear, and write out a little timetable, planning my time better (and then to photocopy and reduce it, so it fits inside my diary - yes really!). With the new year, I can getreally  overwhelmed looking at my life, knowing that I need to get better at EVERYTHING! However, after Sunday at Kerith I feel "rebooted" - back on track, re-centred. We sang " Jesus at the centre of it all "and I realised that's it - that's my big idea, my resolution, my one word, my focus for 2013 - I want Jesus at the centre of it all, and that's what, with God's help I'll try to do . It feels both releasing and intentional.   I'd love to know if you have a focus or any resolutions for 2013?     I'm really looking forward to the new Sunday series starting this week - Keep In Touch - all about prayer.