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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Happiness is.....Lattes and a Red Velvet Cupcake Thanks Girls, for the encouraging response to the Word and Worship event on March 19th - we're looking forward to hosting you! Put the date in your diary and tell your friends - we're going to have a great evening together x

Simply Word and Worship

If you've missed the Unique Breakfasts, and the opportunity they created to gather together as women,  you'll love this!   Word and Worship is an evening Unique event for all Kerith women . On Saturday 19th March at 7.30pm in the Kerith Centre. So, it's pretty much "what it says on the tin" - with the focus on us women gathering together, worshipping and hearing some Bible-based teaching. There'll be more information about the Real Conference, and  the opportunity to register for the conference that evening. The beautiful Real invites will be available for you to take to keep and also to pass onto friends. Also, we've still got some Rachel Hickson CDs for those of you that haven't yet had yours. For those of you who like to know what you're coming to, the format is half an hour of free time to mingle, chat, enjoy a cookie and a coffee or tea. Then we'll take our seats (in rows) to sing, listen, pray and simply be together! To cover costs,


Latest tweet @KerithReal wonderful half hour conversation with Rachel Hickson connecting and sharing ideas for Real 2011 - she has such a beautiful Godly spirit Are you following Real 2011 Twitter yet? You can get tweets on your (smart) phone or on your PC. You've probably noticed the Tweet button You can get updates and info as it happens, plus prayer pointers We are:     @KerithReal You can follow my own personal tweets with random stuff about my life (kids, home, Simon, dog, work, Church, observations, thoughts etc) in tweets of 140 characters or less     @catrinabenham When you follow me, you'll see that I follow all sorts of people - Charlotte Gambill / Lynne Hybels / Holly Wagner / Bobbie Houston / BBC Breaking News / Ben Cooley / Bill Hybels / Shauna Niequist as well as some from Kerith (Simon / Lee L.M / Sola / Heather / Sue R / Ruth )  Here's Howard Reece-Smith's latest tweet as he and Elizabeth cycle from Nairobi to Serenje in Zambia,to raise funds t

Real 2011

So on Sunday we officially launched this year’s Real Conference for women! Information; beautiful invitations and also a free gift of a great Talk on a CD by one of our guest speakers Rachel Hickson, were all available at our information point in the reception area. Did you see the shoe display? There was a shoe on our display that would be just perfect for you – and there’s a place and a message, a defining moment at Real for you . Our message is that Real is for all women - whatever your age, background, or experience of Christianity. It's for you! Like you, I'm often asked "How was your week?" and I've realised that my response is not a minute by minute, hour by hour account of my week . We don’t measure our lives in minutes . Instead, I talk about the highs and lows of my week, because our lives are made up of a whole series of defining moments. Some larger than life moments . Most "moments" are the mundane stuff of our ordinary, everyday lives

Younger Women

Wow, what a Sunday we had last weekend! So amazing to hear 10 talks by the 10:10 preachers - all up and coming, many young.It was so humbling to watch and learn from others. So fantastic to hear God's heart for us through each of them. I listened to all 10..and it was exhausting just listening, being challenged and writing down the applications! So, I prayed for a women straight after the 11 meeting thanks to Beccy's encouragement to pray straightaway. Then on Tuesday I prayed for one of my children to enlarge their faith  - and Wednesday saw a real answer to that prayer. All of the talks are available on the Kerith website . They are all the kind of length you can listen to whilst chopping carrots, washing up , having a coffee break or taking a car journey - so have a listen God will speak to you.....then PRAY! I had the privilege of helping one of the teenage girls prepare for her preach - and was so proud of her. We must hear from the young women. We must let the young

Simply Quiz tickets

Quick post to announce... At the weekend, the Simply Quiz tickets sold we have changed the venue..and there are more tickets's the latest from Ruth, posted on the Simply Quiz Facebook page Great News! We're still working on the details but we'll have more tickets available for the quiz from Wednesday 2nd February. We hope to increase numbers by another 40-50 people. IF YOU'RE ON THE WAITING LIST PLEASE ENSURE YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS QUICKLY. This is the only way to guarantee you'll be able to come. They'll be available from the Kerith reception 9:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and between the 9 & 11 meetings & after the 11 meeting on Sunday morning. They can be bought from the Kerith reception at other times on Sunday. It's so exciting to be putting on such a great & successful event :0)