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Chess Pieces

Have you still got the chess piece we gave out at the end of Real? Where have you put it so that it acts as a visual provocation for us to remember we need to "make our move"?
Great to hear about the many converstaions around Kerith about the different chess pieces: what they mean, and what they might mean for each of us. Thanks to Mary for her prophetic thoughts - see if any resound with you.

What are your thoughts?

Pawn  Moves in small steps. Keep going to the end and you will be crowned the Queen
Rook  Moves in a clear direction. Can swap places with the King to protect him.
Knight  In God's army, moves in a way others can't, and breaks through the barriers.
Bishop  Sees things from an angle. This different perspective brings much needed strength in the fight against the enemy.
Queen  A key figure that can move in many spheres but needs protection from the enemy.
King  Your strength is in who you are, not what you do. Stand firm until the enemy is defeated.


Anonymous said…
Good morning my friend!
Well at first when I received my Chess Piece, I was told it was the Queen, who could move anywhere and do what she liked - I was quite pleased with that! However, the next time I saw the friend who had told me this, she exclaimed that we had both not got the Queens but the Kings, aha, different story there then. One step at a time was her interpretation, which seemed for fitting. After reading your blog today though, I can definitely see why my Chess Piece is the King, given the issues and situation which I am currently dealing with in my life, so it is very fitting, and very encouraging to know that I have this symbolic piece to keep me focussed on what I need to be doing. My King is on the kitchen windowsill, funnily enough where I seem to spend most of my time washing up and cooking, as do most of us lol! It is also a reminder of a wonderful time spent sharing with fantastic women at REAL, so when things become tough during a day, I only have to catch a glimpse of my King and it makes me feel much better. And finally, it reminds me of the King of Kings, our Father in Heaven, who loves each and everyone of us, very much, and is always there for us. So thank you for the wonderful Symbolic gift which we all received. x
Geri said…
I closed my eyes, reached into the basket, and I too received a king. As I've been doing a bit of work on 'me' lately, looking at who I am as supposed to what I do, the prophesy is very appropriate for me. My king is on my jewellery box by my mirror, and I am planning to put the 'I Am' card there as well, to remind me of who I am in Jesus which, as you said at the conference, can mean something different each day.
Thank you Catrina for all the work you put into such an amazing weekend. Hope you've got some rest time planned for the next six weeks! xx

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