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My Very First Blog

Hi I'm Catrina Benham, I lead Unique Women@ Kerith. I'm married to Simon who leads Kerith Community Church in Bracknell. We have three children, Zak, Jacob and Alice.

This is my first ever blog!!! I'd love to use it to help women connect with both our church community and other women.There 'll be some information about what's going on and how you can get involved. Given that there is a home, work, a husband, children and pets in my life, there'll probably also be some funny stories and also some thoughts on finding God in our everyday lives.
The main news today is of our next Unique event:

Christmas (did I really say that?!) Action Morning

It's on Saturday 29th November in K2 (opposite the Kerith Centre) This is going to be a relaxed and informal morning, so please drop in anytime between 9 and 11.30 am.
It’s an “Action Morning”. The idea is that you come and make a difference to other's lives by giving a few moments of your time to some practical tasks that are going to bless our wider community.
Ticket money will cover the refreshments and also finance the projects that will bless others. We’re hoping to give you the gift of time in this busy season- to stop and take some time to think of others.

It’s also a great chance for you to recharge your batteries, so come and meet friends, enjoy drinks and cakes together, chat and catch up with our plans for Unique in 2009!
Tickets @£3 on sale from 16th November onwards at the Kerith Centre Reception. Come and find us at the Unique table at Church on Sundays 16th and 23rd November for more information. It'll be a different morning, but one that I know you'll really enjoy.

Thanks so much for reading this...more soon! love Catrina x


Anonymous said…
wow...superb...we can now know ALL about the benhams.!!! and i am sure you will get way more hits than simon.!
seriously...i love blogs...
irene m
Catriona said…
Hi Catrina,
this is a new start on a day of history for the whole world!
What a day to start your blog.
Barack Obama says "a change is gonna come". Well Christian women have been saying that for centuries! We can, we DO, make a difference.
Well done!
Sarah said…
Hi Catrina
Like Catriona said a historic day!
I thought I'd leave a comment for 2 reasons; 1) to show that I've read your blog and think it's a great idea - why not! and 2) this will mean 3 comments already from your first blog... Simon must be worried!!

Sarah x
Lisa said…
Make that 4!! Go girl - this is great!!
Love Lisa x
Sarah L said…
Well done on your 1st blog!! This is such a good idea - looking forward to the next one already :o) xx
Anonymous said…
Hi Catrina... what a great idea... will look forward to reading your next blog.

Love Iris
sandra said…
bring it on Catrina...great blog xx
sue said…
Catrina, this is a fab idea and I love that it is very very pink!!!!!!
See you later maybe?
beccy o said…
Well, well....small beginnings in a garden in L.A. and now look where you are-I AM SO EXCITED!!!Thank you Catrina for leading us Kerith women - can't wait to be encouraged and challenged by your words and feel connected to all my fellow brill Kerith girls.As the saying goes "Bring it on!" Beccy O
Michelle G said…
This is just great and I love the layout - looking forward to more. Brilliant idea Catrina!
Love Michelle
Anonymous said…
This is great, look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said…
Just adding another one so you get more than Simon he he!!

Sean Green said…
Its a bit pink for me but a great read never-the-less!!!

Great to see you on the blog-sphere.

I will ensure you get more hits than Simon.
mossyend said…
Welcome to the blogging world. Like the pink! Look forward to reading what you have to share. rebecca moss

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