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Sticks and Stones

This morning I opened the door and had a not very pleasant conversation - one that stayed with me all day. It reverberated round my head and I re-enacted the brief conversation and worked out various responses. I was cross with myself for being unable to LET IT GO. It was there at the front of my mind all day - and I prayed and it was still just right there. I knew even as I was going through it that it would have it's own natural rhythm and that it would go - that I'd process it and the pain would fade. But whilst it was still there, right at the front of my brain it seemed to crowd out everything else.
The good side was that I was compelled towards physical activity, so my daughter and I spent a good couple of hours cleaning out the bunny and guinea pigs hutches. Then I experienced the uniquely satisfying cleansing to be found in "A Trip to the Tip" to throw away all the (very smelly) black bags. It helped!

This is the TRUTH - it just took me a while to get there today:
"It's not what people think and say about you that makes you different. It's what you think about yourself and what your God has said about you that really matters" T D Jakes


irene m said…
It is good to remind ourselves about the truth that it is "what God says about us " that is so much more important than what people may say.....

It is also good to recognise that sometimes we cant help but be affected by conversations like the one you experienced today.

At least it produced a flurry of useful activity in you Catrina...with the resulting sweet smelling bunny and guinea pigs.!!
SueR said…
Catrina - thankyou for being so honest and in doing so bringing such a powerful truth to share with us all.

I set up a blog a while ago but did not know where to start I thought it was because I had nothing to say, but in truth its becasue I was scared what others may say about my ramblings - I think I will use the TD Jakes quote as my start ...... thankyou
Catrina said…
Thank you friends!
Go for it Sue x
Iris said…
Hi Catrina, Just want to echo what Irene and sue have said. Thank you for being so honest....sometimes we think it is just ourselves who feel like you did, and letting go is not easy.
Thank you somuch for being you.
Penny said…
Thank you Catrina for letting us see inside you. It helps me so much, knowing that what I struggle with is not just me. I have had to battle this week with how I did when I was filmed for the welcome & info - silly I know, but feeling I did not "perform" well and kept on having to re-do my bits and thinking others were MUCH better ... had to keep telling myself that it was more about pride and perception and how I look to others doesn't really matter ... it's so good to do this life with you and others who help me take off my mask and be me. xx
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your reality! It's such a relief to know that others struggle with the same stuff I do. It's so easy to feel that we are the only one to have these issues. Your honesty and openness gives us all 'permission'to be real! Keep doing what you do! We love you for it x
Anonymous said…
Catrina - you are normal! So refreshing to hear that others are like me and well done for being honest - this is the stuff that blogs should be made of - raw and honest. Well done you! Suzanne xx

PS You are lovely so whatever they said must have been utter rubbish!
Anonymous said…
Thank you all so much for your affirming words and your kindness -I know you're a big part of the "all things working together for good", so Thank You xxx

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