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Starting Again in Twenty Ten

Ok I'm starting blogging again - didn't really intend to stop, just seemed to stop in December - does anyone else find that from this side of Christmas it's hard to remember what was consuming all our time and energy in the run up to that big event?!
So, another snowy day - all radiators dripping with wet socks and gloves; all children off school, so all have friends over to play and sleep. Simon and I spent a couple of hours in the snow digging out the cars earlier - fun actually. Unfortunately the 2CV didn't reward all our hard work by actually starting, but it was fun trying! I finally reaslised just how great those snow shovels are - we borrowed our neighbour's one - so at the next opportunity we're going to buy our own...and then it will never ever snow again in Bracknell!

With the extended holiday, it's been hard getting my brain into gear for 2010 plans, but I know you'll be excited that we're getting on with planning the July 3rd Conference (write it in your diary now!) and also the Unique event on March 6th (fun!). All the Unique ministries are gathering speed again -
- Did you know that Unique has a writing group that is called Exposition?
If you are interested in joining the group why not come along to a poetry workshop that is running on 30th January led by Val Taylor. Click here for more information. 
To find out more about the group and the writing day, contact Jacqui Webber-Gant on
01344 484181 or Karen Mehta on 01344 752667.
Exposition meets once a month inthe Kerith Centre lounge on the 3rd Friday of the month
Exposition is for all women who want to write, it's for anyone who would like to learn from others and is willing to try something new.
Need an inspiring nudge to come and explore this group?...
"Spoken words are like mists that vanish as memories fade, whereas the written word has a life that remains. Words can inform, captivate, inspire, amuse, challenge, take us on journeys through history and culture. Words can weave imaginary tales of impossible feats or capture an emotion through metaphor or verse."


Jacqui W-G said…
Hi Catrina-glad to see that you are blogging again. Thanks for mentioning the Poetry Workshop.

I hope that some of you will take a risk and give it a go. Exposition is such a fun group-it sounds all deep and serious but really we spend about 70% of our time laughing. It is such a good way of getting to know people and getting to know yourself too.

Some women dance, others sing or play an instrument, others express themselves through art, photography, sewing or craft. Perhaps you have a gift to write. How do you know unless you try?


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