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When you've had a blogging break it's so hard to start again - I either feel that I should write about momentous things, or (as is the case this time) there's just so much to say! I've been a busy bee - away from my computer enough of the excuses!

Recent Highlights:

Simon had an amazing time in Singapore - and was fantastic at frequent texts and phone calls - tricky with a 7 hour time difference. So so helpful for enabling our family to still feel connected.  Plus he brought me home a Singapore Starbucks mug to add to my collection :)

Cherish Conference in Abundant Life Bradford
Wow wow wow - such  fantastic speakers; an amazing theme - "who are you adding into your life?" It takes effort - but our life is not just for us.
Great to spend time with other women - some of whom I have "known" for ages, but have never spent enough time with them to hear their stories.
So challenged by the serving attitude of the team.
So inspired by the team, who just kept "giving it away" - speaking encouragement to us in our setting. They were amazing.
Encouraged to keep aiming high; and to not feel apologetic about the call to put effort, time and hard work into something that is amazing and life-changing.
So great to feel proud of our Church and all we are already doing - particularly of Lee, Liam and the team as they lead the hundreds of teenagers that are part of Life
ssshhh don't tell anyone, but I also got to visit Steve and Charlotte Gambill's home for an evening :)

24 hour Retreat
At the beginning of the year we planned out our calendar; and  one of the things Simon encouraged me to do was plan in a study/retreat day. Well I wasn't sure what to expect when I left work on Thursday and (via Starbucks ) obediently followed the sat nav and drove to a beautiful Retreat house just outside Oxford. It was lovely, really lovely. It was peaceful and calm and simple.  I had a sweet little room with a comfy bed and my own desk looking out at the countryside. It reminded me of times when I was a student and I would take the train to my Grandad's house to write my final dissertation or just to get away for a bit .
So I read large sections of the Bible; I "nailed" my talk for the opening session of the Real conference; I summarised my notes from Cherish ; I walked and sat outside; I took photos; I was quiet; and I slept a bit; and just enjoyed having a clear head.
It was a gift from God - really great.
I just loved chatting to people and getting to know them a bit better. It was fun to do the thanksgiving for sweet Calum - what a fantastic faith-building story!
Simon was amazing...loved the funny drama too!...Ministry fair was fab - interactive vibrant fun - well done all those who worked so hard to make it look so great. And if you're not on a regular serving team in your house...well you know what to do!
Two v exciting confirming a pregnancy and the other with news of an engagement - hip hip hoorah and Praise God for both of them and the two couples involved.
Love our Church and the people.

So, that's me all caught up - late Sunday now and we need to start winding down ready for a new week. Real is less than three weeks away which is really exciting. If you are coming then please respond quickly re the seminars. If you're planning on coming then please buy your ticket. If you have Christian friends  and family then please be inviting them too - I feel really confident that they will be blessed and encouraged when they come. All women of all ages are welcome- wherever they are in their journey of faith.
As well as inviting, please be praying. Pray for the 220 women booked in. Pray for the planning and hard work needed in these next 3 weeks! Pray for all those taking part. Pray for God's wisdom and leading for us all - and that we would be kind to one another and kind to ourselves.
Thank you!
Bless you wherever you go and whatever you do tomorrow morning - let's do good.  xxx


Helen said…
Well done for starting again after a break.
It is always great to hear what's going on, to be encouraged and inspired by you & to pray for you, your family & great upcoming events that are happening - that would be REAL!!!!
Really looking forward to it!
Helen x
Lel said…
I can't wait to hear what you have to say at Real and be part of this wonderful Church for a few days.
Will be praying for you all as you prepare and have so many things to do. Lots of love Leslea xx

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