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Ready for REAL Women's Conference?

So cool to hear that others are also getting excited and ready for REAL next weekend !

Thanks for the tweet Liz! "RT @LizBabbs: Looking forward to leading wkshop at 'Real' ladies conf - guess there's no plastic surgery then! Nxt w/end, Bracknell " mmm so can I wear some false nails and still be authentic?! Have had my roots done - now that's a necessity!

Look out at Kerith today for signs of REAL approaching!
We're hiding the recent deliveries so you can have some lovely surprises next Friday evening and Saturday all day :)

My "getting ready" yesterday was trying to buy a new top to wear (sister I know you're with me on this one - a good investment!) mmm it was hot and it was busy ...and, well, I think I may need to have another go! Perhaps the shops will be empty at 3pm today?!

Must go - have got 2 lovely labradors to walk before Church this morning!


Sal said…
I'm afraid that I won't be there - the Crowthorne Carnival calls, but will be with you all in spirit (re-done roots and all!!!) I'm sure it'll be amazing. So much love xxxx

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