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Only Through the Cross Can I Stand in Power

Well I've been pretty exhausted this week - back in work straight after the conference and with Simon away in Brighton it's been a little tough. However, trailing just behind my fatigue has been the constant refrain       "Only through the Cross can I stand in power"       and so I am thankful to God for all He accomplished through us ; and I'm thankful it's Friday and I've got through the week and Simon's home tonight hoorah!

Well, this time last I can't really believe that REAL 2010 has been and gone already! We had an amazing evening and day together with over 300 women (337 to be precise!) gathered. I was so proud of what we put on as a Church - and by that I mean all those many individuals - some volunteers, some working for Kerith- some giving a few hours on the day, many sharing in the "living and breathing it" run up of months weeks and days before the conference. Thank you to the elders who had the vision and trusted us all to run the first of our Church conferences. Thank you to all of those who made it just so incredibly excellent. A couple of personal highs for me were the Saturday morning Opener of drama - media - performance song and dance leading into worship. It was so cool to see a dream becoming reality. I also loved loved loved seeing all the women worship so enthusiastically - and yes, to see that I did have to get up on the stage and "pretend" to be back in the worship team! I am so very thankful to God for answered prayers - we received prophetic pictures before the event. One was of our words being like blowing a dandelion head. The seeds represent the word of God and therefore the word of hope. As we speak and mingle with the women the seeds will be sent off in all directions – it’s God’s responsibility where they blow, land or grow. Our responsibility is to be faithful in sending the seeds on their way.
This is such a vivid picture – and all the more significant as we are also using the “seed head” image on the stage and in the programme – so a “hairs on the back of the neck” moment, and again Thank you God – He is in charge!

My prayer now is for those seeds to take root and grow in women's lives. We are praying for God to continue what He started last weekend; and we're believing for changed lives.

Please do give us any feedback you have (be gentle with us - think of it as the time just after giving birth - we want to know and grow for next year's conference but need your tenderness!)
Please also keep the stories of encouragement coming in.  God is good - all the time.

There's a short write-up on the Kerith website, including some lovely quotes from some of the women who came to Real. You can also listen again to the Saturday Talks by me and Kim here

Remember too...1st and 2nd July 2011!  xxx


Geri said…
Thank you for time ... time to laugh and enjoy grown up conversation, time to nibble food I'm actually allowed to nibble (no wheat, no dairy, but lots of yum!), time to worship, in a way I haven't done since before I went to the States, time for me to give access to God in ALL my areas, and begin to allow Him to heal me ... Thank you xx
irene m said…
Excellent conference...way exceeded my expectations.....high points for me..

1)Access all areas...and prayer after..
2)Hope is REAL....
3)Run the race with eyes fixed on the prize....
4)Amandas dvd testimony....beautifully done and just moved me beyond words...
5)The 4 amazing written testimonys in booklet...Ruth and Serenas made me cry and be amazed at their honesty and vulnerability and Janines and Ellies were so inspirational...
6)Resound choir doing their song...what fun...
7)Hanging out in the sunshine with mates for lunch...

Pretty much all really..!! You and Kim have a real "down to earth" kinda way of speaking that doesnt come across as a "preach" yet still packs a punch.

Oops..sorry so long......

Looking forward to next year and have already booked in...can easily see this becoming an annual "must attend " event for many hundreds of women.
Catrina Benham said…
Thanks so much for your lovely encouraging comments x

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