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Willow quotes - a taster

The space in your life that you most resent is the very soil where God wants to produce the crop we so desperately desire.

Good teams complete you they don't compete with you. They are assets not liabilities. TD Jakes

Dan Pink at the Summit, "Making progress" is what motivates people the most and produces engagement and loyalty

When people start serving they forget about their own problems. @BlakeMycoskie

There are now over 30 million Christians in China

One of the jobs of a leader is give people self-confidence to make decisions. @jack_welch

You have to do everything to stop the meeting after the meeting. - Jack_Welch

Challenge people don't overwhelm them
Passion is the fuel that makes the engine run
When my heart is overwhelmed I go to the Rock. TD Jakes

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Guest Blog: Esther in Indonesia

I'm delighted to welcome Esther Ross-Watson to my Blog today! She is a dearly loved member of our Kerith family. She and her late husband Michael served as missionaries for many years. Esther bravely made the decision to travel again, and she has recently returned from Indonesia. Here's her story:  Whilst Michael was on his last days on earth in August 2017 he received a request from the Island of Madura, Indonesia asking us to return to the town of Pamekasen, Madura, Indonesia where we had begun our Missions work in July 1973 exactly one year after we were married. They were keen to have us see what God had been doing in the years since we’d moved on and we excitedly said ‘Yes’ we will come!   Obviously that had to go on hold for a while because I didn’t feel I could, or even wanted to go alone! Anyway around March/April time 2018, I begun to feel a gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit urging me to think some more about it! It was like a feeling of wanting to know


"... Nobody has a perfect life - everyone else's life looks great ..but everybody has challenges. We're constantly judging our insides against everyone else's outsides " Ruthie Henshall on Woman's Hour last week So true!

Favourite Serenje Images

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