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 Hi GB here. I have received another couple of long text messages with news from Catrina.

We are enjoying a balmy, sunny Indian Summer as the leaves are cascading down, but the weather is very HOT out in Zambia. Let's hear what Catrina says:

Great day - very long – very, very hot so quite challenging We were out in the community all day - first we went to the site for the girls dorm . We shared Ralph's drawings and pans with the pastors so it was really exciting. Rob did lots of filming and I took photos today to help it all come alive once we get home.

Next we visited farmers in Kankoso, Chlisha and Mwasakano. They were so grateful for the seeds, nuts, and goats they had received and also the support that provides money for school fees and uniform so that their children can go to school. It was deeply humbling to hear their stories. One lady, Bertha, a widow of 58 who is farming on her own and supporting her own two children and five orphans who she supports!

We were all tired and SO grateful for the showers at the lodge tonight. Tomorrow we each go to a different church - Four are preaching and three others are sharing a greeting - should be a fun adventure! All tummies (seem) OK!!!

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