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Life-Changing Moments

As we anticipate gathering together at Real on Friday and Saturday, I wanted to whet your appetite for this year's theme: Moments.
Women who are part of Unique's Writing group, Exposition have written some short pieces, sharing significant moments in their lives. Enjoy reading their experiences, and let it lead you to a prayer for yourself - that at Real this weekend, and throughout your life, you'd look for God's grace and love in every moment; and you'd know His help.

As my beautiful, sweet-smelling, perfect son was placed into my arms, a flood of emotions coursed through me…..bliss, excitement, apprehension plus a feeling of wholeness.

Only a few hours later, this joyous occasion was ripped apart on hearing these words:
“There was an accident and Betsy and William were killed”…

Disbelief, horror, sheer panic and a swift realisation that life will NEVER be the same again.  Two precious and dearly loved children, one of them our God-daughter.

Whilst lying awake in the unfamiliar surroundings that night, the silence engulfed me but inside I was screaming……how could this be happening?  I glanced across at the innocent face sleeping so peacefully next to me… did I dare to love him?  I heard the echo of these devastating words:
“God has taken my boy but he has sent one for you to love…..look after him”

At that moment, I was acutely aware that I stood before a crossroads….Do I risk falling in love with this unique individual but at the same time expose myself to the possibility of utter despair if God chooses to take him from me?
Fear and confusion washed over me, but gradually I began to sense the love of my Father God who heard those cries of anguish and stilled the screaming voices inside my head. I turned towards my son and as I lifted him into my arms, I was filled with an unconditional love for this precious gift from God.  A deep, all-consuming passion, coupled with a supernatural determination to support my friends, whose world had been totally shattered on that unforgettable day.
Suzanne Whitton – April 2011

Praying for Real   28.06.11

Thank you for praying for Real....

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints” Eph 6 v 18

Specifically today:  Please pray for

Tonight’s Rehearsal…dancer, singers, musicians, light and sound team

 Teenage Girls to sign up ( we are offering them the chance to come for “whatever they can afford” if they are paying for themselves. Also encouraging parents, friends, mentors and others to sponsor teenage girls)

Really excited to see that Mums are bringing daughters; also for the Life girls who are already booked into their first Christian Women’s’ Conference – let’s pray they know God speaking to them and us inspiring them!

Please also remember to keep  praying  for  Numbers…they are still coming in, and we are now over 300, but more please!

 Much love   Catrina  x


Anonymous said…
Re: Crossroads.
I do not believe for one second that it is God who takes our precious loved ones from us.
Catrina Benham said…
I don't believe God causes bad things to happen in out lives, but as people living in a fallen world He does sometimes allow them to happen (as he did with Job), with the promise that ultimately "in all things He will work together for our good" (Rom 8:28). I hope that helps clarify what Suzanne was saying.

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