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Tomorrow, You're Only a Day Away!

So Real starts TOMORROW!!!
Can't wait - although I did dream last night that I fell asleep on the sofa on Friday evening and missed the whole thing!!!

Please would you join us in praying for Real?.."unless the Lord builds the house, we labour in vain" so we need God's hand, His heart, His ideas and His Holy Spirit in everything we do as we prepare and experience Real 2011.

Praying for Real   30.06.11

Thank you for praying for Real....
Specifically today:   
Please pray for Sue and the whole team preparing for all the women coming. Lots of practical preparations as they take deliveries, organise and sort, move furniture, make the place look beautiful…All the “day before” tasks. Also all the creative elements and final tweaks.
Pray for energy, strength and joy -  Kerith will be buzzing!

Thank God for a great technical rehearsal last night, and for such willingness to serve amongst that team of gifted volunteers.

 Please also remember to keep  praying  for  Numbers…each person booking in is an individual known to God and loved by Him..we don’t want anyone to miss out!

Here's another "Moment" from Exposition (to make you laugh!)


I have had many “moments” in my life; some of great joy; some of such laughter that I feel as if I can’t breathe. Moments of deep sadness; some of huge regret; some when I know shame and some when I know I have been a fool.
 But recently I experienced what I can only describe as a”Moment of Madness!”
This is not the “norm” for me as I rarely act on impulse and try and make decisions based of rational thought processes. Somehow or other I think the part of my brain which normally aims for a sensible decision must have been on holiday.

For some time I have been very aware that I am beginning to look like my mother. Trust me, this is not a good look  Each morning for the last 6 months I have looked in the mirror and talked to my “mother” just letting the mirror image know that apart from radical cosmetic surgery I would just need to adjust and accept this new truth and hope that one day I just wouldn’t notice .

Well a couple of weeks ago, for some reason unknown to man nor beast I made a decision, (it was truly a Moment of Madness) one I can give no coherent explanation for and one I have never made before, I decided to dye my hair . I am naturally grey and have been for some years and at times I have given myself a wee blonde rinse but that day I had a mental blip and bought a hair colour called Mahogany. The head of hair on the box was a deep, deep red; she looked fantastic; hair all thick and wavy and falling on her shoulders. Oh yes, this was my “Moment “.  I was going to leave behind my “mother“and become this gorgeous young thing with a full head of hair in this amazing colour.

It was truly a magnificent “Moment” when I finished the process and looked at myself in the mirror. I would have given anything to have my “mother” staring back at me but in fact the mirror shrieked at me “ARGGHH”  “Arrgghh”. I shrieked so loudly that the family came running thinking I had fallen down the stairs. I had come face to face with a purple headed woman YIKES! My “Moment of Madness” was staring at me and there I was in all my glory, .not a deep, deep red but a sort of old lady purple/blue rinse !
I am so pleased it is only a 28 day wash in wash out hair colour but for the moment…if you see a woman with a paper bag on her head. Be kind to her. 
Irene Mooney


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