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Countless Second Chances we've been Given at the Cross

Oh Your cross, it changes everything
There my world begins again with you
Oh Your cross, its where my hope restarts
A second chance is Heaven's heart.
...Countless second chances we've been given
at the cross.

Walking along an extremely muddy bridleway at Fourteen the other week, I had the phrase "countless second chances we've been given at the cross" in my mind, and (as I was alone - it was a cold day!) I just kept singing it over and over again out loud as I walked.
One particularly muddy section of the path covered my shiny black wellies with thick brown mud. Then as I walked through a clear stream running across the middle of my path, my wellies were washed completely clean, not a trace of mud. And I realised again that that's what the "second chance" looks like in my life - starting again, a completely clean and fresh slate, a second chance.
I love this song Second Chance by Rend Collective Experiment.
I love it that it says "my world begins again with you (at the cross)" - I would have been happy to sing "began" - as in, when Jesus died, once for all. But no, it says "begins" - as in every day, every moment, every time I mess up I can start again because of the cross "its where my hope restarts".
Thank you Jesus - Countless second chances we've (ALL) been given at the cross.


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