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Today has been a typical Sunday afternoon in the Benham household - roast chicken (late) lunch devoured by all (always with yorkshire puddings too!) then some down time - scatter around the house to drink coffee and watch catch up tv or a film - as usual, I was on a sofa under a snuggly blanket! This time watching Long Lost Family - a real tear jerker! Now we're regrouping, making plans for the evening meeting, I'm checking school uniform's been washed and the dog's been fed, and thinking through the week ahead. Off to Church again soon!

I love all those aspects of my life, but they would be so much the poorer if we hadn't had two wonderful Kerith meetings already, and another to follow. This morning I met with God, I was challenged and encouraged ; I connected with new people and reconnected with others; I had the privilege of serving in a team, and also did some new things that took me out of my comfort zone; I was reminded again that God fixes us and transforms us - that He loves us. People of all ages were born again today, which is the greatest news.

Here are my highlights so far

Meeting Catherine Bolsover from BBC Radio Berkshire. She interviewed a number of Kerith people (I heard the first interviews as I was getting ready at home at 7.30!) which sounded great. Then we had a chat about REAL which they will use over the next couple of weeks. Really great to get these opportunities. And she was so lovely. Thanks to Beccy for getting it all set up too!


Simon and Amanda shared the preach - the second of our Family Portrait series. Amanda was amazing! She spoke with such wisdom, humility, generosity and honesty about her experiences and her family."There is nothing that crumbles in your life that God does not have the power to rebuild"

Whatever shape, size and configuration our family is, Amanda encouraged us to feel a sense of pride in it and not shame.

She also strongly encouraged us all to go to Gods word for encouragement, to build up our self worth and to equip us for life - especially a life when you alone are responsible for all the decisions in the household.


I met some wonderful women at the REAL sign-up table today; and also worked alongside a great team, as we helped women to book in for REAL, which is happening really soon :) the price goes up at midnight tonight, so there is still time to book yourself in, and to invite others. Already over 315 women have booked in, so even if you come on my our own, you won't be, or stay on your own! Loved chatting to all these women, and so looking forward to us all being together for REAL.

Lastly, it was so encouraging to see this tweet from the girls at Kings Church High Wycombe, who are bringing a group to REAL! We love to host other churches and serve them - such a privilege!


So, I hope you're having a great Sunday too. What have been your highlights? What did God say to you, do in you and for you today in Kerith?

Off to Church now!



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