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Hello again!

It was such a privilege to preach on Holiness in the Bracknell morning meetings last Sunday, and to launch the series PURE. It wasn't easy, I learnt and read a lot and was very stretched, but it was an absolute privilege! I'll let you know when the podcasts are ready, not just for my Talk, but because three different preachers launched this series in Kerith! Helen Cottee was the Sandhurst preacher at the 10am, and Emily O'Neil was the 6pm preacher. One of the best things about this preaching series is that we have gathered as a preaching team to share ideas, ask questions, debate and really labour to create a series that is Biblical and that helps people. Over the next few weeks we'll hear from Michael Ross Watson, Andy Partington and Ben Oliver. As the week 1 preachers, we three girls have really loved the opportunities to share ideas and pray for one another in the weeks before we preached. It's been such a support and encouragement to spend time together and to be for eachother, we've listened to each others plans, and I know I've been really been blessed by the friendships - those girls are great, and I can't wait to hear their podcasts! Michael Ross Watson has written a series of Daily Devotionals to support the series, which you can get as a daily email. They are a brilliant daily encouragement and challenge. Something else to bless you...this beautiful song from Hillsong Calvary, which we sang on Sunday "all praise to the One who has ransomed my soul, Calvary covers it all!"

As I mentioned above, isn't it great when women work together, rather than against eachother? Let's not be jealous of each others opportunities and successes, but rather celebrate them, as there's space for us all to play our part! We're a body made up of many different entry functioning, but vital parts!

It's fun when you realise that your friends know eachother isn't it? Well, good friend of Kerith and REAL, Rachel Hickson from Heartcry for Change is in the area on Friday evening. And our friends from Women2gether at Finchampstead Baptist Church are hosting a great event where she will be speaking on 'FLOURISH. Provoke Curiosity. Start a rumour of the goodness of God!’ If you're free this Friday evening, why not book yourself into "The gathering"? It's a time for women to gather at Jesus’ feet and be refreshed by His presence. There's worship, a Talk from Rachel, Drinks & little treats available :) On Friday 3rd October, 7.30-10pm, FBC Centre Loft. The Cost is £3/person to pay on the night. Contact: Ali Green 07742045686. email

Lastly,apologies that I have been absent without leave from this blog for far too long - I'm back now! Here's a picture of my family from the summer holiday (of a lifetime!) it puts a smile on my face, especially when I get super busy (that was my September!) and also when one of us leaves for Uni (sob!)


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