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Podcasts are up!

If you have some time today, why not listen to a talk or three(!) about Holiness, from last Sunday at Kerith, when we began our new series PURE. Week one launched the series with the verse "Be holy, for I am holy" from 1 Peter 1:16, Holiness is a promise, not a pressure.

I'd love to hear how this has impacted you since know, when you're in a slow queue, or you're on Social media, or when you read the News, or you get invited to join in, or just when you reflect on your actions at the end of a day?

Holiness is a promise.

Follow this link to the Podcasts.

Ps Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who record all the Sunday Talks and make them available to us on Podcasts...this week the work was happening on the commute home! We really appreciate all our Kerith volunteers :)