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Well last week had some highs and lows.

Highs included Simon's birthday and my cast coming off - hoorah!

I'm now officially walking - although it often looks like shuffling! Great to have 2 feet back in use - if only for planting firmly into the ground so that I can make the bed or get something out of a cupboard. It's a huge help to have my hands free when I go up and down stairs too. I'm of course being a good girl with the exercises. No idea what people mean when they say "don't do too much" - I join in if I feel ok and work out afterwards if it was really ok and good to stretch myself, or "Too Much"! Anyhow, it's good to be feeling more like myself again. Apparently It's still a slow process of building up strength and flexibility, so I need to keep on being patient!

The low was that our 12 year old labrador died - Nemo was a big character, and a huge presence in our home - he really was one of the family. We all said goodbye, we all thanked him for being such a great dog, and we all cried a lot. Its healthy to express emotions, but it's exhausting too! 
Simon's birthday was the following day, so it was a rather low-key thing, but we did enjoy the Minions film with a takeaway and the first log fire of the autumn.

How was your week? 
Through all the ordinary, and all the highs and lows of life, God's there, He really is - there are blessings along the way and treasures to be found. I keep praying that I'll be open to seeing His hand at work in everything. 
We saw it in the kindness of the vet and nurse; and that our friend Julie was on reception, and rushed out to give me a big hug afterwards. We've seen it in the way He has knit me back together again to heal my ankle. We've seen it in the kindness of friends who send their sympathy for our loss of Nemo; who make a meal (or 3!) to help us whilst I've not been on my feet. I've seen it in the encouragements He has brought along my way - just last week two different women told me how significant REAL was for them this year, in having people pray for them and stand with them, and in giving them strength and hope for hard situations - that blessed me so much! I'm so grateful to hear those stories,and to play a part in facilitating those precious times.
God is good all the time; and He is faithful.

Many mornings I've woken up with a phrase from this song in my head - I'm so grateful for Jesus for putting it there to remind me of the Truth. 
Be blessed by this song - the words are so powerful


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