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A Trip to the Dentist before Zambia!

No blog last weekend as I had the toothache!!!
For anyone that's had toothache, I know that no more words of explanation are necessary.

There was nothing else for it - I wrapped a scarf around my head, popped the pills and, whimpering, retreated early to bed. I confess I felt quite sorry for myself! Will I ever feel like me again?!?! Did I not learn the lessons from my ankle? Does Jesus want to keep reminding me that we all live within limits? I even made the mistake of asking Simon "will I ever be back to normal?" to which he replied "I'm beginning to wonder that myself!" - did I mention I was already feeling sorry for myself?!
The wonderful Dentist put me out of my misery the next day - could have hugged and kissed him!

Apart from obviously wanting instant relief from the tooth pain, I was anxious to get it sorted, as we are soon to travel to Zambia!
We are going to spend a few days in Lusaka to see Sam and Hannah and their girls - then we are travelling up to Serenje to see the Girls Dormitory.  Sam and Hannah run Tehila, and they are doing tremendous work encouraging and equipping church leaders in child protection and safeguarding. It will be wonderful to catch up with them and their girls.We're looking forward to seeing them in action and meeting their team. 
Then we'll travel north to Serenje- the rural area that Kerith's been linked with for the last 7 years. It will be so wonderful to reconnect with old friends, and to see how the area is developing. We'll also spend time with Leah Mutala, who was with us at REAL, and also with Anne Mumbi, who's the Tearfund country rep - both wonderful women of great faith, good friends of ours and inspiring to be around.
Of course we're so looking forward to seeing the Dormitory and meeting the staff and the 35 teenage girls who are living there. The Dormitory has been on so many hearts and in so many prayers from Kerith for so long - from the teenagers who raised so much money in Project 125 to the many individuals who gave. 

If you came to this year's REAL Conference you'll remember that one of our Social Justice initiatives (thank you, you're always SO generous!) was to raise money to equip the Dormitory students with menstrual cups.
Sue Toms led that initiative, and I'm delighted we have a chance to catch up with her, and hear the great progress made! 

On top of the money raised at the REAL conference, we have had more money donated.
I have done a Channel swim challenge - in the pool, not the sea - 1416 x 25 metre lengths to raise the rest of the money needed which we now have.
The girls in the Serenje Dormitory received their menstrual cups (Ruby Cups) and their training over the weekend.  All went well and they are very happy.
They were trained  in how to use the cups, anatomy, hygiene, body and sexual health, safe place to talk about rape and assault.  The staff also received training in how to deliver the training so that they can give the same training to new girls coming into the dormitory.Fundraising will continue so that there will be cups available for new girls. 

"I'm so excited, I have just obeyed God but He has been at my side all the way through and will be helping those girls as they learn from Vanessa, the Trainer and continue their education.   Who knows who they will grow up to be? I believe they will grow up to be Godly women of influence.   I'm so looking forward to hearing their stories."

Did you see how far Sue swam?????? Thanks Sue, you're an inspiration to us in your tenacity and hard work in seeing a dream move all the way through to fruition.
So great to hear that news - and we're looking forward to seeing the girls and hearing their stories too.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for us all as we travel (I'm a bit apprehensive!); and that we'd be a blessing as we share God's love with the people we meet. Simon and I are travelling, together with our daughter Alice, and Alan and Penny Lander.

But before then, lots of normal life plus...GLS event ...Kerith Leadership Day....2 wonderful Sundays - see you tomorrow for our inter-generational meetings :)


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