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Glynne's Story

Last month a team of us from Kerith went to Tirana, Albania for a women's conference. Called UNIKE,and now in its 4th year, it's led by our friend Miranda Ajeti. God birthed UNIKE through REAL! Miranda was visiting the UK for REAL one year, and heard the Interviewer ask me what my dream was? I answered "to speak in another country", Ann Bothamley nudged Miranda and so a plan was hatched! Miranda is a fantastic leader, and a good friend. We share our lives and our prayer requests via monthly Skype chats :)

Iris, Glynne and I went to support, pray for and contribute to the conference - me through preaching, and the ladies through prayer and sharing testimonies. We had a wonderful time together, this being Iris' 4th time, and Glynne's 3rd, so they were really reconnecting with friends - and that involved many hugs, kisses and warm embraces! 

Every week since last year's trip, Iris and Glynne have been faithfully meeting to pray. God has really touched their hearts for Albania and Albanian women. I thank God for Iris and Glynne, both faithful friends and tenacious prayer-warriors. 

You may remember that I also took a team of women to minister at a conference in Macedonia. It was such a privilege to spend time in these two Balkan countries. In both cases, God really spoke to the women, and He moved powerfully. He really spoke to us too, and stretched our faith and expectations.

We'll be sharing some more stories here on my blog over the next few weeks.

First up, here are some of Glynne's reflections:
I was impressed to see how much the women have changed by God moving in their lives, even taking authority in praying for each other rather than waiting for us to pray. 

A huge Highlight for me was feeling the Holy Spirit moving powerfully in the elderly women as much as the young girls/ladies in worship,  such a difference.  
The best thing for me was being able to be with them to see that change and to recognise that I am changed by them.

I am so grateful to be able to go to Albania with you, be a part of your cheer leaders and vintage squad, Glynne xxx

Glynne and Iris

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